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3D Sourcerer

Universal 3D Printer Enclosure by 3D Sourcerer

Universal 3D Printer Enclosure by 3D Sourcerer

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The Universal 3D Printer Enclosure is perfect for a variety of 3D printing applications. By adding an enclosure to your 3D printer, you are able to increase print quality by reducing warping as well as noise production from the printer. Constructed of laser cut, 5mm plexiglass, the Universal 3D Printer Enclosure is made specifically to fit perfectly onto existing IKEA Lack setups, matching the size of the IKEA Lack table perfectly. Additionally, this enclosure allows for a variety of printing setups including multi-material applications including the PRUSA MMU2S & Palette 2/Palette 2 Pro with downloadable STLs made specifically for these printing setups. With our custom corner cutout design, you can easily run wires from inside to outside of the enclosure allowing you to mount the power supply outside of the enclosure. We have also included extras such as two LCD extension cables for the Prusa MK3 printer line, a USB extension for Prusa Mini owners, 22 bearings for a variety of filament holder setups, a hydrometer for monitoring enclosure humidity, and plenty of extra nuts and bolts for making your own custom add-ons. We also have accessory STLs available for free for a fire alarm as well as many other upgrades that you can print as you see fit. Upgrade your 3D printing setup today with the 3D Sourcerer Universal Enclosure!
  • 520mm x 520mm x 620mm clearance is ideal for a variety of FDM printers including Prusa MK3/MK3S & Creality Ender 3 Series
  • 5mm thick plexiglass reduces noise & maintains optimal printing temperature
  • Multiple filament paths allow for simple or complex printer arrangements with support for single or multi-material applications
  • Corner passthroughs allow the user to run cords into the enclosure, perfect for mounting the power supply outside or for external electronics
  • Fully compatible with Prusa MMU2/MMU2S & Palette 2/2S/2 Pro/2S Pro multi-material setups
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