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SUMO 3D Printer Enclosure Kit for the Prusa XL

SUMO 3D Printer Enclosure Kit for the Prusa XL

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The SUMO Enclosure by 3D Sourcerer is designed specifically for the Prusa XL 3D printer. This 3D printer enclosure kit contains all of the parts needed to fully assemble the enclosure EXCEPT the 3D printed parts, which are available for download. This kit is perfect for anyone looking to print in higher temperature materials or to simply reduce the volume of the Prusa XL while printing. Fully customizable with over 15 accessory prints, the SUMO Enclosure can be customized based on your 3D printing needs. Whether you want to add a custom name to your 3D printer enclosure, setup a camera for remote print monitoring, or add a ventilation system to your 3D printer setup, the SUMO has an accessory made specifically for you! We've also included extras such as a hygrometer to monitor the temperature and humidity inside of the enclosure, a USB C/A thumb drive for easier file transfers, and plenty of extra fasteners for making your own accessories for your Prusa XL!

  • COMPATIBLE WITH PRUSA XL - Create a stable environment for your Prusa XL with the SUMO Enclosure. By fully enclosing your Prusa XL, you will notice a reduction in noise, a more stable and reliable printing environment, and added safety for children or pets that may enter the printing area.
  • UPGRADE YOUR PRUSA XL - If you are looking to upgrade your Prusa XL, this is the perfect enclosure kit for you. Made to fit the Prusa XL without increasing space requirements, the SUMO Enclosure is one of the most space effecient ways to enclose your Prusa XL while still maintaining great visibility and accessbility to the prints.
  • HYGROMETER INCLUDED - Included in the SUMO Enclosure is a hygrometer for monitoring both the humidty inside of the printer as well as the internal temperature. Compatible with a free printed part, this hygrometer can be easily posiitoned inside of the top middle support at the front of the SUMO 3D Printer Enclosure for easy viewing.
  • 650MM x 525MM x 935MM (25.6" x 20.7" x 36.8") SIZE - By custom designing the SUMO Enclosure to fit onto the Prusa XL, the size that Prusa XL requires does not significantly change when adding the SUMO Enclosure to the Prusa XL. The Upper Chamber does extend approximately 10cm above the filament lines in order to allow for various object to be hung from the ceiling (such as fire alarms, cameras, etc).
  • REMOVABLE UPPER CHAMBER - In order to allow for easy access for maintance and troubleshooting, the SUMO Enclosure Upper Chamber is fully removable from the enclosure with ease. Additionally, the SUMO Upper Chamber is compatible with many accessory prints for mounting useful accessories for organzing your 3D printing workspace.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH 120MM NOCTURA FANS - The SUMO Enclosure features a cutout on the back panel of the Upper Chamber of plexiglass for adding a 120mm Noctura fan for temperature control of your Prusa XL 3D Printer. If you prefer to print without a fan, a cover for the cutout can be printed and use to fill the cutout at the back of the 3D printer enclosure.
  • WYZE CAM V3 OR TP LINK FOR REMOTE MONITORING - Monitoring your Prusa XL can be challenge since a camera is not built in to the Prusa XL With the SUMO 3D Printer Enclosure, we have added a simple corner adapter so that you can add a WYZE CAM V3 or TP LINK camera to your enclosure for monitoring your printer remotely.
  • REMOVABLE CORNER GUARDS FOR ADDED SAFETY - The plexiglass corners at the top of the SUMO 3D Printer Enclosure can be sharp - to prevent unwanted harm, removable corner guards are available to cover the corners of the enclsoure for added safety.
  • HEPA FILTER FOR AIR FILTRATION - If you print with materials that cause fumes, we have created an adapter so that you can add a HEPA filter in addition to a 120mm fan to your SUMO 3D Printer Enclosure. With the SUMO 3D Printer Enclosure, a filter mount made for an economical HEPA filter can be easily added to the 120mm fan setup.
  • 4 INCH DUCT FOR VENTING FUMES - If you prefer to externally ventilate your 3D printer, the SUMO 3D Printer Enclosure has an adapter for the 120mm fan setup so that you can vent the fumes from your 3D printer enclosure using a 4 inch duct.
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