Top Corner Selection

As with the feet, you will need 4 TOP CORNER pieces per enclosure. You will also need to print 4 TOP SUPPORTS that support the top plexiglass. The Standard Build Set includes 3 SOLID TOP CORNER prints and 1 HOLE TOP CORNER print with a TOOL INSERT. The standard SOLID TOP CORNER is made for the top corners where you do not need to hold tools, run wires, or add additional ventilation to your enclosure.

solid top corner and top support for universal 3d printer enclosure

The CHANNEL TOP CORNER is made where you can run wires or add various inserts for different needs. Feel free to design your own insert with the included STEP file (SOLID INSERT.STEP)! 

channel top corner with inserts for universal 3d printer enclosure

The CHANNEL TOP CORNER is useful you need to pass a cable outside of the enclosure (CHANNEL INSERT) or to hold a tool (TOP INSERT TOOL HOLDER). The hole can also be used as a vent to control the temperature as needed and plugged with the TOP INSERT SOLID.

channel top corner insert options for universal 3d printer enclosure

There are 2 versions of the TOP SUPPORT:

TOP SUPPORT SLIDE – this allows you to easily “slide” the piece into place which enables you to easily run new wires into your enclosure whenever you decide you would like to do so. Make sure the orientation of the hex nut is correct when sliding!

TOP SUPPORT HEX – this version is fixed into place with a through bolt. There will be slightly improved stability with this version, but the ability to easily add a wire to your enclosure will be lost.

We recommend using the TOP SUPPORT SLIDE in most situations as the stability is sufficient for most applications. 4 TOP SUPPORT SLIDES are included in the STANDARD BUILD.

top support slide compared to top support hex for universal 3d printer enclosure