The Sumo Enclosure by 3D Sourcerer – Made for the Prusa XL




(included in Universal 3D Printer Enclosure kit)

x2 10-pin extension cables

prusa mk3 mount for universal 3d printer enclosure


We’ve included 2 extension cords to allow you to mount the LCD screen of the PRUSA MK3/MK3S externally. Begin by removing the LCD by removing these 4 bolts.

 bolts to remove on MK3 LCD for extension and mounting

Next, unplug the 2 cords from these outlets. The LCD screen should now be free from the printer. You can also test the extension wires at this point if you’d like.

ports for extension for mk3 lcd screen cable extension

Print the files in the LCD ADAPTER folder. We’ve provided 2 separate versions. LCD ADAPTER REMOVABLE is designed to mount the LCD screen without the need for permanent fixation by using a mount that anchors beneath the weight of the enclosure. Additionally, the edge of your enclosure MUST be flush with the edge of your table as this mount must overhang to function properly.


removable lcd mount for prusa mk3

Another option is the LCD ADAPTER FIXED version which is designed to screw directly into the Lack table with the included screws (or any other table that you don’t mind drilling a hole into).

fixed lcd mount for prusa mk3



Add the LCD screen to the two plates using the 4 bolts removed from the printer previously as shown below. Make sure the square nuts didn’t fall out when removing the LCD from the Prusa.

removable lcd mount assembly for prusa mk3 universe 3d printer enclosure mount

Position your Prusa inside the enclosure if you haven’t done so. Pull the enclosure slightly off the edge of the table in front of you and run the cords BENEATH the plexiglass (there should be about a 2mm gap at the bottom of the enclosure due to the rubber pads installed during the build. Then, slide your LCD into place and reposition your enclosure at the edge of your table. Details are shown below.

cross section of prusa MK3 removable lcd mount

BLUE mount positioned beneath the plexiglass

YELLOW - the lip hanging down improves stability

GREEN - extension cables running below plexiglass between the mounting pieces

Your mount should look similar to the one shown below. Be careful when removing the plexiglass from the table!

removable lcd mount for prusa mk3 universal 3d printer enclosure


These instructions are similar to those above. Begin by using the same 4 bolts to secure the LCD to the mounting plate.

fixed mount for prusa mk3 lcd mount

Add the mounting plate to the Lack or other table using the included screws (you may need to drill start holes with an electric drill). You may consider putting a hole in the bottom of the Lack to run the cords under the bottom of the enclosure instead of under the front door frame if you would like a “cleaner” look with this setup.

screws for fixed mount for prusa mk3 lcd universe 3d printer enclosure

Your final assembly should look similar to the image below.

final assembly of fixed mount for prusa mk3 lcd

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Prusa XL 3D Printer with the Sumo Enclosure!

  • 3D printing should be a seamless process. However, the noise, fumes, and temperature restrictions can be frustrating and hinder your creativity.

    • Noise-reducing design for a quieter printing environment
    • Transparent panels for easy monitoring without opening the enclosure
    • Advanced filtration system reduces fumes and odors

    Keeping the print area clean while ensuring safety also adds even more challenges. Keep your printing space safe and organized with the Sumo 3D Printer Enclosure by 3D Sourcerer.

  • Here are more reasons to love the Sumo Enclosure:

    • USB-A to USB-C thumb drive included
    • Wide variety of printable mounts and accessories
    • Compatible with all versions of the Prusa XL

    Make every print a masterpiece with the Sumo 3D Printer Enclosure by 3D Sourcerer!

  • The front arch design with double doors provides an unobstructed view of the print bed for easy monitoring.

    • Includes USB-A to USB-C thumb drive for easy file transfer
    • Offers a wide variety of printable mounts and accessories
    • Compatible with all versions of the Prusa XL

    The enclosure fits seamlessly without increasing the printer's footprint and includes corner guards for safety. An animated step-by-step assembly guide ensures a hassle-free setup process.

Everything You Need In One Purchase!

  • x9 3mm plexiglass panels
  • x10 2mm x 6mm x 20mm magnets
  • x20 D6H5mm magnets
  • USB A/C thumb drive
  • Sumo Fastener Set
  • Various bolts, nuts, plugs & rods
  • Allen wrench
  • Hygrometer


You will need at least 3kg of filament to 3D print these parts on your own. The pictures blue parts are slightly over 2kg, and the black accent pieces are less than 1kg. You can print all parts in the same color with 3kg of filament, but if you want to use a separate accent color as shown, we recommend 3kg of the primary color and 1kg of the accent color.

Wrap Your Prusa XL in Quiet & Safety with the Sumo Enclosure!

Fully enclosing your Prusa XL significantly reduces noise, ensures a more stable and reliable printing environment, and enhances safety for children or pets. Compatible with all Prusa XL variants, the 3D Sourcerer Sumo Enclosure is all about maintaining consistent temperatures, minimizing drafts, and keeping curious hands or paws away, resulting in improved print quality and peace of mind.

Smart Fit, Huge Benefits

Measuring 25.6 x 20.7 x 36.8, the Sumo Enclosure is custom-designed to fit the Prusa XL without requiring more space. The upper chamber extends about 10cm above the filament lines, allowing for the addition of handy accessories, such as fire alarms or cameras. This thoughtful design ensures a compact setup while providing room for essential accessories, enhancing the safety and functionality of your Prusa XL printing environment.

  • Cooling & Air Filtration Effects

    Print a 120mm Noctua fan mount to control temperature, or consider mounts for HEPA air filters to enhance air quality.

  • Essential Additions for Your Workspace

    Ensure safety in your workspace with essentials my mounting a fire alarm and installing corner guards, while adding personal touches to your setup with customized nameplates.

  • Remote Monitoring

    Print an adapter to mount cameras like a Wyze Cam V3, TP-Link TAPO, Ring (Gen 2) or GoPro onto your printer setup for easy monitoring and recording.

Effortless Access & Maintenance

For convenient maintenance and troubleshooting, the SUMO Enclosure's top chamber is fully removable, ensuring easy access.

What's with the arch?

The reason that we designed the arch into the Sumo Enclosure is because, with the CoreXY design, the Prusa XL spends the beginning of the print with the print bed all the way at the top of the printer. Without the arch, the view of the beginning layers, which are the most important, would be obstructed. By adding the arch, the visibility of the initial layers is improved, and the arch also fits the design of the Prusa XL as well.

Streamline Your Printing With the Sumo Enclosure!

  • Sleek and symmetrical look while maintaining the design aesthetics of the Prusa XL
  • Free extra magnets and fasters for added customization options
  • Flat surface at the top for storing extra filament and tools
  • Multiple access ports with rubber plugs for mounting accessories or cable access
  • Custom designed to fit snugly on the Prusa XL for minimal change in footprint
  • Temperature stability for improved prints and reduced warping
  • Clear, plexiglass panels for monitoring the print during operation

Key Features of the Sumo Enclosure for the Prusa XL

A Clear & Unobstructed View

The Sumo’s front arch design offers a full view of initial print layers, while plexiglass panels ensure clear visibility during printing. You'll always know what's going happening on the build plate of your Prusa XL with the Sumo Enclosure.

Monitor Humidity & Temperature Levels

Ensure optimal printing conditions for your projects with the included hygrometer. Easily attach the hygrometer to your Prusa XL setup by using the free print for the hygrometer.

Space-Saving Design

The enclosure's flat top offers additional storage space for extra filament or spare tools. Since the Prusa XL is a large printer already, having some extra space to place items is welcomed in any workspace.

A Personalized Setup

Spruce up your enclosure with a various color combinations tailored to your preference and style. Elevate your printer setup, making it look unique and setting it apart from the rest. You can even add your own name the the from of the Sumo using our customizable faceplate insert!

  • Safety Comes First

    The set includes removable corner guards, discreetly covering the enclosure's sharp edges for added safety and protection. These corner guards also have additional modular variations for your particular use case and can easily be customized for a specific need.

  • A Professional-Looking Setup

    Say goodbye to messy, tangled wires. The Sumo features x10 access ports and an additional access cutout on the rear panel, allowing you to neatly run wires into the enclosure and keep them out of sight.

  • Quick & Easy Assembly

    With an animated step-by-step assembly guide, you'll be able to set up your Sumo Enclosure like a pro in no time. The assembly guide includes over 300 steps, ensuring a seamless installation that's also intuitive to follow.


Use the link below to access the files and the assembly guide for the SUMO Enclosure.