In order to light the Universal Enclosure, we have developed a simple lighting solution.

led lights inside 3d printer enclosure

Please purchase LED lights similar to the lights listed below. We cannot confirm that all LED lights work, but any version that is similar to this size should fit.

LED Lights

MINGER LED Strip Lights

Price: $13.99

LED light kit 

In order to make a full strip across the entire length of the enclosure, print 5 sets of the STLs.

 Print Quantity
Light Strip Clip 5
Light Strip Body 5
Grate 5

We have provided an STL set (Light Strip STL Set) in the correct printing orientation (see below).

printing orientation for LED strip mount

After printing, add the nut to each of the 5 Light Strip Clip pieces.

nut inserted for LED mount

Add the Light Strip Clips to the Light Strip Body pieces.

assembly of clip with strip for LED mount in universal 3D printer enclosure

Add the 5 Light Strip Bodies + Light Strip Clips to the enclosure using a bolt (no washer required).

light strip boy and light clip assembly into 3d printer enclosure

entire assembly of led mount body for LED light

Now add the lights to your setup. We suggest sticking the light RC module to the corner piece where you are running your wires into the enclosure as shown in the image below. Most RC modules come with adhesive on the back allowing you to attach it to the corner piece easily. Alternatively, if you remove the ceiling frequently for cleaning, consider attaching the RC module directly to the ceiling so that you can easily unplug the lights when removing the ceiling.

remote receiver for light for led inside of 3d printer enclosure

After running the cord into the enclosure, stick the lights into the center of the groove of the prints.

adding LED lights to the light mount inside the 3d printer enclosure

Finally, add the Grates to the prints. The grates are relatively thin and will flex some, so gently bend the grates inward in order to place them into the channel.

adding the grate to the LED mount

Enjoy your new lighting!

3D printer with assembled light inside 3d printer enclosure