Parts Required 

(fasteners included in Universal Enclosure kit)

x2 M6x20 bolts
x2 M6 nuts
x2 M6 washers
fire alarm mount assembled without fire alarm

We’ve created a fire alarm mount for the inside of the Universal 3D Printer Enclosure. We cannot confirm if your fire alarm will work with the print, so please either purchase the fire alarm below or determine if your current fire alarm is a similar size to our recommended alarm by viewing the dimension details on the listing.

Compatible Fire Alarm

Kid Smoke Detector

Price: $12.99
kiddie fire alarm

There are multiple choices for the grate. One has holes, one has a circle cutout pattern, and another option is to use the SOLID GRATE part where you can create your own grate using the infill as the grid pattern. For each option, there is a hole for the light on the fire alarm - be sure to align this hole with the light so that it will fit correctly.

Right-click on the Solid Grate STL after importing it into PrusaSlicer. We recommend these settings to create a nice hex pattern:

Navigate to Infill (right-click on the part -> select “Infill”)

Fill density: 30%

Fill pattern: Honeycomb

  • Navigate to Perimeters (right-click on the part -> select “Layers and Perimeters”)

Bottom height: 0

Layer Height: .15mm or .20mm

 Perimeters: 2-5 (whatever you think looks best)

Top: 0 

If you followed the instructions above, the solid grill should look similar to the image below after slicing the part. 

sliced solid grate for fire alarm mount

After you have picked your grate and printed the Main Body piece, pass the grate through the part. Then, add the fire extinguisher and attach it to the ceiling of the enclosure. Installed!

fire alarm mount inside of the universal 3d printer enclosure