(included in Universal 3D Printer Enclosure kit)

x4 M6 bolts

x4 M6 nuts

Using the LCD extension cable included in the kit, you can mount your Creality Ender 3 LCD externally. Begin by printing the STLs prior to removing the LCD from the Ender 3 (feel free to use colors other than the Prusa Orange).

 ender 3 external lcd mount assembly for universal 3d printer enclosure


Below is a print that can hold screws/cleaning utensils/Micro SD Cards/etc in place of where your LCD screen was previously mounted to the 4040 aluminum extrusion. See the “Ender 3 4040 Endcap” print file for more information.

Link to Ender 3 4040 Cap

ender 3 end cap print

After disassembling the LCD from your Ender 3, place the LCD module on the pegs that protrude from the Faceplate STL. The rotary knob should fit through the hole in the faceplate (remove the knob prior to placing the LCD).

assembling the LCD screen into the ender 3 external mount

lcd assembly of ender 3 universal 3d printer external lcd mount

Next, assemble the remainder of the prints as shown below with the LCD being sandwiched between the Front Plate & Back Plate STLs. The nested nuts for the upper 2 nuts are in the triangular area of the arms.

faster assembly for ender 3 lcd mount assembly with arms

Run the LCD extension cable beneath the plexiglass and attach to the LCD monitor. Position the LCD monitor mount as shown below, positioning the arms beneath the plexiglass.

cross section of ender 3 lcd mount for universal 3d printer enclosure

Final assembly!

final assembly of ender 3 external mount for the universal 3d printer enclosure