Parts Required 

(included in Universal Enclosure kit)

x4 20mm M6 bolts

x4 20mm M6 nuts

x2 #6x25 Phillips head screw (for Screw In Mount only)

There are 3 different options for the mounting arms - be sure to print both the A and B arm (they are not the same). The faceplate should be interchangeable between designs if you use the same nuts/bolts/screws.

The default STL size is for the Universal 3D Printer Enclosure spare nuts/bolts/screws (but see below for how to customize the files to fit your own spare nuts/bolts/screws)

ender 3 s1 LCD mount

Fusion 360 Files & Instructions

Fusion 360 files are available to customize these files however you would like, including changing the arm lengths and the angles of the display.

Navigate to the top menu and select MODIFY → Change Parameters. A table will appear with various parameters that can be altered. Click in the Expression column to change the target value. We recommend inputting the actual measurements (without tolerance) as we have a default tolerance already set within the model.

Please watch our YouTube video for more details.

Click Here to Watch the YouTube Video

Universal Enclosure Mount

This mount is intended for the owners of the Universal 3D Printer Enclosure

ender 3 s1 lcd mount for the universal 3d printer enclosure

Screw In Mount

This is a mount is intended to be screwed either to the side or the top of the table that the Ender 3 sits on.

ender 3 s1 screw in mount

ender 3 screw in stand upright

Stand Mount

This LCD mount is a stand that can be set on any flat surface.

ender 3 s1 lcd stand