Print #5 Assembly

Please refer to the link here for determining which HINGE to print. The HINGE print set has manual supports, so you will need to remove the supports from the part prior to installing the HINGE. The supports should break off easily using pliers.  

manual supports to be removed from 3d printer enclosure hinge

removing supports from hinges with needle nose pliers

supports removed from hinges with needle nose pliers for delack 3d printer enclosure

After removing the supports from both sides of the hinge, place the dowel rod into both sets of HINGE parts. The opening of the HINGE where the dowel rod is inserted should be facing upwards when the hinge is in its final position (as shown below). The HINGE will swing more freely over time, so don’t worry if the HINGE initially feels tight. 


dowel rod insertion into the DELACK 3d printer enclosure

A trick for pressing the dowel rod into place is to use the side of your needle nose pliers (or any other flat tool) to push the dowel rod into place.

needle nose pliers pressing dowel rod into hinge for 3d printer enclosure

inserting dowel rod using side of needle nose pliers

dowel rod fully assembled into the delack 3d printer enclosure hinge

After adding the dowel rod to both HINGE prints, add nuts (8 in total) to each HINGE BACK print. You may need to use the bolts to pull the nuts into position by tightening them from the opposite side of the part.

back part of hinge for 3d printer enclosure with nuts

Now, attach the HINGE to the DOOR FRAME plexiglass panel. The HINGE BACK part should fit inside the holes in the plexiglass. THIS WILL BE HARD TO TIGHTEN!! We intentionally made these parts tight so that the door would not sag. You can tighten these parts more than the other parts in this build because there is no direct contact between the metal nuts/bolts and the plexiglass (but don't overdo it). 

hinge back inserted into the door frame plexiglass panel

hinge attached to the door frame plexiglass panel for the 3d printer enclosure

both hinges assembled on the delack 3d printer enclosure

Next, add the DOOR plexiglass panel to the HINGES in a similar manner as you did previously. We recommend adding the bolts in the order mentioned below; starting with the lowest bolt lets you rest the other end of the plexiglass panel on the ground, reducing the stress on the DOOR FRAME. 

3d printer enclosure assembly steps for prusa mk4 prusa mini

Now, the door should be swinging freely. If the door does not swing correctly, try to adjust the positioning of the hinges by loosening the bolts slightly, moving the door in the direction needed, and re-tightening. 

prusa 3d printer enclosure delack assembly