Print #2 Assembly

Door Knob

Add 2 nuts to the DOOR KNOB BACK print.

door knob back for 3d printer enclosure delack prusa mk4

Locate the DOOR plexiglass panel, and determine which direction you would like the door to swing. Using 2 bolts, attach the DOOR KNOB and the DOOR KNOB BACK to the DOOR panel according to your chose swing direction.

door knob for 3d printer enclosure for prusa mk3 mk4 mini

The image below shows a door that will swing to the right.

door for 3d printer enclosure for prusa MINI prusa Mk4



Back Bottom Wire Cover
Locate the BACK plexiglass panel. Add the BACK BOTTOM SINGLE WIRE COVER to the enclosure as shown below using 2 nuts and 2 bolts. When you add your printer to the setup, you will be able to reposition the wire into the correct position.
back panel of 3d printer enclosure for the prusa mk4 mini mk3
3d printer enclosure cable path for prusa mk4 prusa mini
Front Middle Support
DO NO attach the FRONT MIDDLE SUPPORT yet - you need to finish Print #3 before attaching it!