delack hexagon light for 3d printer enclosure



We recommend printing the LED Light parts in PETG, ASA, ABS, or Nylon. We were able to print all of the parts to the LED Light on a stock Prusa Mini with the default Prusament PETG profile.


If you are planning to use additional WIRED accessories, like the Wyze Cam V3 Mount or the TAPO TP-LINK Mount, please print the LED TOP MIDDLE SUPPORT WITH WIRE CHANNELS - this allows you to run additional cables into and out of the enclosure next to the LED Switch

led top middle support with wire channels for delack 3d printer enclosure


Please refer to this YouTube video for assembling the LED Light


 Start by laying all of the INSERT parts out as shown below (upside down from how it will eventually be positioned - the light channel should be facing upwards

light channel of the delack led light print for the 3d printer enclosure

Add 2 M5 bolts to the MIDDLE SUPPORT FOR LED part

led switch part for delack 3d printer enclosure for 3d printers

Next, feed the LED light through the MIDDLE SUPPORT FOR LED as shown below (1) and fold the cable on the opposite end of the switch behind the switch (2)

running LED light through the DELACK printed part

Place the cable attached to the LED strip into the cable channel (1) as you begin to rotate the switch into position (2).; as you rotate the switch into place, make sure that the cable coming out of the enclosure is going i the bottom cable channel (3)

positioning switch inside the printed parts of the delack enclosure

Once the cables are in position, push this side all the way into place - you may need to gently pull on the cables entering and exiting the part to get it perfectly into position

Now, the LED switch should be fully installed

led switch installed into position

The next step is to position the MIDDLE SUPPORT FOR LED in the correct position behind the other INSERT parts - it should slot around the positioning channels of the inserts

led light for delack 3d printer enclosure with end piece attached

positioning of the led light insert for the delack 3d printer enclosure

Feed the light through the rest of the channels


Add the LED FRONT COVER and LED Y COVER to the LED Light

led light front and back covers for adding to the DELACK 3d printer enclosure

Add the two M5 nuts to each of the LED LIGHT COVER pieces - you may need to use an Allen wrench or a spare M5x12mm bolt to put the nut all the way in since the insert if deep

inserting nuts into the delack LED cover for the delack 3d printer enclosure

Add the two side COVER pieces to the LED Light

delack 3d printer enclosure led light for 3d printing

Now add the LED Light to the top piece of plexiglass using the two HOLE FILLER FOR BOLT pieces so that the bolt head will stay in place

delack top plexiglass with LED light for 3d printer enclosure

hole filler for bolt for led light with delack 3d printer enclosure

 Last step - add the top plexiglass pieces to the DELACK Enclosure and secure the piece with 2 M5x12 bolts - remember that if you want to remove the top, you'll need to take these bolts out!

bolts for led light for DELACK 3d printer enclosure

final delack 3d printer enclosure with led light printing in the dark