delack internal filament holder for prusa mk4 prusa mk3 prusa mini



 This print is recommended for use with the Prusa MINI 3D printer, elevating the filament roll and allowing for additional space next to the Prusa Mini. 

Part Selection

If you intend to add a camera (WYZE CAM V3 or TAPO TP-LINK to the same side of your enclosure as the INTERNAL FILAMENT HOLDER, please consider printing the MIDDLE SUPPORT WITH FILAMENT HOLDER + CABLE CHANNEL version of the print

Printing the part with the CABLE CHANNEL requires using an alternate print orientation, so we suggest only printing the CABLE CHANNEL version if you intend to use the channel - otherwise, print the STANDARD version

Part Instructions

DO NOT USE SUPPORTS - there is an overhang for the slot where the FILAMENT ROD attaches, but the printer will be able to print it without any issues

internal filament holde for delack 3d printer enclosure with cable management


Begin by mounting the TOP MIDDLE SUPPORT WITH FILAMENT HOLDER to the inside of the DELACK Enclosure

adding internal filament holder to the delack 3d printer enclosure for prusa

Add a filament roll to the FILAMENT ROD print BEFORE adding the filament to the mount inside the enclosure

adding filament holder to 3d printer filament for delack 3d printer enclosure

Add the filament with the FILAMENT ROD into the slot and slide it into place



delack with internal filament holder installed for 3d printing with prusa mini

front view of delack with internal filament holder installed for 3d printing