Finishing Touches

Adding the Printer

Now is an excellent time to place the enclosure around your 3D printer. Reposition the power cable so that it runs through the opening in the back. This enclosure isn't very heavy, so it is easy to reposition and remove from around the printer entirely if needed.

pursa mk4 enclosure prusa mk3 enclosure

Adding Nuts for the Top Bolts

There are nuts and bolts to secure the top panel of plexiglass to the TOP CORNER and MIDDLE SUPPORTS. However, we like leaving the nuts out of the printed parts and inserting the bolts into the holes from the top of the enclosure to maintain alignment (without screwing them down). This allows you to remove the top easily as well. Feel free to add the nuts if you would like.

nuts for top of the DELACK enclosure

Adding the Top Panel of Plexiglass

Next, place the TOP panel of plexiglass on the DELACK. The TOP should fit snugly, but it should still be easily removable. You can add the top bolts now as well. 

top of the enclosure for prusa mk4 prusa mini

Rubber Plugs


Add the RUBBER PLUGS to any of the 10 filament access holes that you won't be using.  

filament access holes for the DELACK enclosure for the ikea lack


Add the top bolts (or not), and your DELACK Enclosure is complete! 

final delack enclosure for prusa mk4 ikea lack enclosure

Just a reminder to consider adding Print #8 (CORNER COVERS) for safety reasons! The corners of the plexiglass are pretty sharp!

delack corner covers for prusa ikea lack enclosure