120mm Fan Recommendation

FAN: Noctura NF-P12 Redux-1700 PWM

Price: $15.95

120mm fan recommendation

Most other 120mm fans should work with our design as long as the hole location and dimensions are the same as this fan. The screw holes MUST be 105mm x 105mm apart to fit correctly with the precut plexiglass holes. We cannot guarantee that any other fan model works with our design.

 Speed Controller Recommendation

 Fan Speed Controller (PWM Controller) 

Price: $24.95

noctura PWM fan speed controller

If you want to control the speed of the fan, this fan speed controller (also known as a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Controller) works with this fan.

Link to Fan Speed Controller Mount (PWM Controller Mount)

Power Supply Recommendation

 Coolerguys 12V Fan Power Supply

Price: $7.99

coolerguys 12v power supply

It is possible to splice the fan into the power of your printer or other electricity sources, but this was the simplest and cheapest method we could find. Again, this WILL work with the above fan solution, but we cannot confirm if this will work with other fan options.



The assembly process is straightforward - thread the 4 screws through the plexiglass of the enclosure. You can put the fan on either side, but we generally recommend putting the fan on the inside of the enclosure so that you have easier access to the accessories, like the HEPA Filter or 4" Ventilation Duct.

insert 4 screws into noctua 120mm fan for 3d printer enclosure ventilation

inside and outside 120mm fan ventilation system