DC Top Corner Selection

As with the feet, there are different version of the DC TOP CORNER. We’ve included 1 DC TOP CORNER print and 1 DC HOLE TOP CORNER print in the DC Print Set.

top corner support for dc 3d printer enclosure expansion build

The DC SOLID TOP CORNER (above) is the standard corner piece for the DC Enclosure, perfect if you do not need to hold tools, run wires, or add additional ventilation to your enclosure. If you would like to run cables through the top corner or hold tools, use the DC HOLE TOP CORNER (below). There are 3 inserts available if you need to modify your setup later.

dc hole top corner for 3d printer enclosure dc expansion


For the DC CORNER SUPPORTS, you will notice that there are A and B versions. You will need 1 of each version (A and B) as the holes for the nuts and bolts are different. You will also need to print 2 TOP SUPPORT HEX pieces for the other 2 pieces that attach to the center of the enclosure. The reason for this is that due to the increased thickness created by combining the two pieces of plexiglass, we had to create a more secure way to anchor everything together. All of these parts are part of the DC Standard Build folder.

Notice how the cut-outs for the nuts are in different locations.

support for dc 3d printer enclosure expansion