DC Rear Assembly

Now we will begin to put everything together. Since the enclosure is about to become very heavy, we suggest that you assemble it in the place where you want to leave the enclosure. Begin by assembling the side pieces just as you would in the Standard Build (non-DC version); you should have the majority of these pieces assembled already if you are adding to a Standard Build. We advise you to have the enclosure arranged in a manner similar to the image below before combining it with the center wall.

dc rear assembly for universal 3d printer enclosure expansion

After moving the pieces into place, add the nuts, bolts, and washers to the DC FEET as shown below.

adding feet to the dc 3d printer enclosure expansion

PRO TIP: If you’re having issues reaching the nut on the inside of the enclosure for the DC FEET, try sliding the edge of the enclosure ever so slightly off the edge of a table so that you can reach your wrench inside to hold the nut in place. This works best when you have the sides of the enclosure already attached as shown above. Be careful not to bend the plexiglass.

tip for assembling the universal 3d printer enclosure dc expansion

Next, add the DC SOLID CORNER (or equivalent piece) to the top rear of the enclosure. You will only use a bolt and a nut for this assembly.

dc corner assembly for the 3d printer enclosure expansion