DC Foot Selection

As with the Standard Build, we have multiple parts to choose from based on your needs. 1 DC SOLID FOOT and 1 DC CHANNEL FOOT is included in the DC Print Set.

solid foot for universal enclosure daisy chain expansion

DC HOLE FOOT has multiple inserts for various use cases. You may want to plug the hole partially (ARC INSERT) or entirely (SOLID INSERT). You can also run various wire combinations (RIGHT, LEFT, and DOUBLE CORD INSERTS).

dc hole foot part for universal enclosure expansion

If you would prefer to use a DC CHANNEL FOOT, you can add various configurations to this setup as well. There’s a STANDARD size for larger wires or power cords and a LOW size for if you only need to run small cords outside of your enclosure. We recommend cutting the RUBBER PAD to size for the DC CHANNEL FOOT and the INSERT as shown below.

dc channel foot standard for universal enclosure dc expansion

dc channel foot low for universal enclosure dc expansion