Cross Supports Selection

There are 2 versions of the CROSS SUPPORT available, one with and one without holes. We recommend using the one WITHOUT holes because this allows you to easily remove the CROSS MEMBER plexiglass in order to access your printer. If you would rather have an extremely rigid enclosure, the CROSS SUPPORT WITH HOLES will increase rigidity but accessing the printer will be more difficult.

cross support options for the universal 3d printer enclosure

If you intend to use your enclosure with a Prusa MK3/MK3S with a CONCRETE PAVER as well as the standard filament holder that attaches to the printer (with filament rolls inside the enclosure), then you will need to print 2 CROSS SUPPORT ANGLE pieces in exchange for 2 CROSS SUPPORT pieces (so 2 CROSS SUPPORT ANGLE + 2 CROSS SUPPORT). These are intended to provide clearance between the ceiling and filament rolls if you have the paver positioned beneath the printer. If you do not use a paver, you will have plenty of extra space with the standard CROSS SUPPORTS.

cross support angle for 3d printers with concrete block in the universal 3d printer enclosure