Latch Selection

The latches are symmetrical, so there are no alternatives for now! Print on!

delack latch for 3d printer enclosure

The holes for the magnets are precise, so you will need to apply some force for the magnets to fit. The easiest way to press the magnets into place is to use a metal tool with a flat surface. 

magnet insertion into hinge for delack enclosure

Place the magnet on the flat surface of the tool to begin

adding magnet to flat surface of needle nose pliers for delack enclosure

Position the magnet over the hole

magnet insertion into delack latch

positioning magnet over the hole in the latch

Press firmly down on the top of the tool

pressing magnet into the delack latch

The magnet should now be flush with the latch! Make sure you add the magnets so that they attract each other depending on the piece you are working on!

magnet inserts into delack latch